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    American McGee Presents Scrapland PC

    Fabricante: Enlight Software
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    • Open-ended gameplay set in a unique and novel science fiction 3D world
    • A compelling, storyline accurately integrated into an emergent -from start to finish- gameplay
    • Immersive 3D environment. Huge outdoor locations and really explorable highly detailed indoor places
    • Sophisticated AI. Interact with dozens of unforgettable bizarre characters with their own behaviours toward the player & towards other NPCs
    • Thrilling combats to death with the most powerful combination of devastating weapons in the most exciting and challenging 3D action seen to date
    • Supercompetitive, original and spectacular races with extreme gunships the player can build to his taste
    • Intuitive, simple and powerful control system both with gamepad and joystick or mouse + keyboard
    • The 140 main missions provide an almost unlimited number of hours of varied and fast-paced gameplay
    • Turn yourself into fifteen different characters, take on their identity and acquire their special abilities
    • Multiplayer capabilities. Fight alone or join a team, with gunships built and optimized by yourself. Via LAN or Internet.