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    La Beaute - Haute couture spray for hair

    Contains 100% pure hyaluronic acid for hair and has many benefits for hair restoration. For normal to very dry hair. No salts and no parabens.
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    The haute couture series from La Beaute is based on 100% pure hyaluronic acid for hair imported from Switzerland, whose main advantage is the immediate restoration of the hair with a boost of fast effect. The acid penetrates massively into the hair, restores dry hair, closes split ends and gives a light texture to the hair.


    The series has 7 main advantages:


    Giving an intense boost of moisture 

    Volume reduction

    Prevent the attachment of dirt and dust particles to the hair

    Giving a luxurious shine to hair based on gloss - for a matte and non-greasy look

    Preservation of hair straightening treatments, when regular treatment with the products in the series prolongs the life of the straightening on the hair

    Balancing the pH level in the hair

    Restoring and building dry, very dry and damaged hair and restoring vitality to the hair

    In addition, the series restores damaged hair protein and contains vitamin E and cold-pressed pure organic argan oil.

    The products are enriched with pure keratin, a 24-karat gold compound, essential vitamins for the hair and filters that protect the hair from the sun's rays. In addition, La Beaute's luxury haute couture series contains a unique and secret compound of an irresistible luxury fragrance, and provides a wonderful fragrance for the whole day.


    Also suitable for use on hair extensions.

    User manual:

     Suitable for everyday use. Spray on damp or dry hair from a distance of  10 cm , then comb or style as needed.

    No rinsing required.